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5th Annual YMCA Swim-a-Thon


For the Northwest YMCA Strong Kids Campaign


Friday, December 7th 6PM through Saturday, December 8th 6PM

 Goal for this event

Sponsor 100 Kids by raising $2,000

 The Challenge

Similar to last year we are going to go with an age group challenge. So if you are 40 or older you will be on the Old Timers. If you are under 40 you will be on the Young Guns.  The team with the most yards in 24 hours is the Champion.


3 Dedicated Lanes during the 24 hours (Old Timers, Young Guns, Overflow)

All hours slots must be filled by each team

Click below to sign up for a time slot.

Sign up 

You will get more specific Instructions on lanes and process closer to the event.

 Other Info

All swimmers must raise a minimun of $25

Awards for Top Swim Yardage (at one shot) Male and Female

Awards for Number of Kids Sponsored (via donations) Male and Female

 $25 supports 1.25 kids for 1 month of programs (swim, sports, dance, gymnastics, etc.)



View openings for swim time slots (Dec 4th 8:52PM)

Scoring / Placing

Scoring will based on yards swam. Any half-hour time slot not signed up will receive a 1000 yard penalty. All yardages for team scoring will be doubled during the 11PM to 4AM time slots.  Bonus yards will not be counted towards individual distance.  Also during this time all 8 lanes can be used.

Pledge forms and money will be turned in when you swim. There will be a place to put your money and yardage form by the guard stand. All checks should be made out to the YMCA.

Click here to find out more about the YMCA Strong Kids Program